A 1848
B 766
C 809
D 762
E 470
F 640
G 377
H 752
I 3117
J 83
K 88
L 718
M 509
N 323
O 381
P 754
Q 77
R 454
S 1223
T 1759
U 439
V 197
W 733
Y 220
Z 12

1,848 Phrases Starting With Letter A

a cynical and selfish hedonist
a daily avalanche of vituperation [vituperation = harshly abusive language]
a dandified, pretty-boy-looking sort of figure
a dangerous varnish of refinement
a daniel come to judgement
a dark and relentless fate
a day monotonous and colorless
a dazzling completeness of beauty
a dead leaf might as reasonably demand to return to the tree
a dead theological dogma
a decorous and well-intentioned person
a deep and brooding resentment
a deep and most impressive solemnity
a deep and strange suggestiveness
a deep authentic impression of disinterestedness
a delicious throng of sensations
a deliciously tantalizing sense
a dereliction of duty
a detached segment of life
a diamond in the rough
a diamond is forever
a dire monotony of bookish idiom
a disaster of the first magnitude
a dish fit for the gods
a disheveled and distraught figure
a distorted and pessimistic view of life
a dog is a man's best friend
a dogmatic and self-righteous spirit
a drop in the bucket
a drop in the ocean
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