A 1848
B 766
C 809
D 762
E 470
F 640
G 377
H 752
I 3117
J 83
K 88
L 718
M 509
N 323
O 381
P 754
Q 77
R 454
S 1223
T 1759
U 439
V 197
W 733
Y 220
Z 12

88 Phrases Starting With Letter K

kaleidoscopic pictures
kangaroo court
katy bar the door
keen and pertinacious [pertinacious = stubbornly persistent]
keen as mustard
keen insight
keen power of calculation and unhesitating audacity
keen, clear, and accurate
keen, intelligent, penetrating, and severe
keenness of intellect
keep a stiff upper lip
keep a wide berth
keep at bay
keep body and soul together
keep it under your hat
keep schtum
keep the ball rolling
keep up with the joneses
keep your chin up
keep your hands clean
keep your nose clean
keep your nose to the grindstone
keep your pecker up
keep your powder dry
keep, protect, support, and sustain
kept in abeyance
kernel of truth
kettle of fish
key of knowledge
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