A 1848
B 766
C 809
D 762
E 470
F 640
G 377
H 752
I 3117
J 83
K 88
L 718
M 509
N 323
O 381
P 754
Q 77
R 454
S 1223
T 1759
U 439
V 197
W 733
Y 220
Z 12

762 Phrases Starting With Letter D

daft as a brush
daily usages and modes of thinking
dainty as flowers
dallying in maudlin regret over the past [maudlin = tearfully sentimental]
damaging admission
damask cheek [damask = rich patterned fabric; wavy pattern on damascus steel]
damp squib
dampened ardor
dance attendance on
dance like a wave of the sea
dancing sunshine
danger, difficulty, and hardship
dangerous temerity
dangerously near snobbery
dangers and pitfalls
daniel come to judgement
dappled shadows
darby and joan
daring and resolute
daring candor
daring, cordial, discerning, and optimistic
dark and deep as night
dark and starless
dark as pitch
dark horse
dark side
dark superstition
dark trees bending together as though whispering secrets
dark with unutterable sorrows
darkened by shadows
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