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1,223 Phrases Starting With Letter S

sacerdotal preeminence [sacerdotal = priestly]
sacred cow
sacred tenderness
sacredness, dignity, and loveliness
sacrificed to a futile sort of treadmill
sacrilegious violence
sacrosanct fetish
sad and melancholy
sad, despondent, melancholy, and depressed
sad, gloomy, and suspicious
saddle with responsibility
sadly counterbalanced by numerous faults
sadly disconcerted
sadness of soul
sadness prevailed among her moods
safe pair of hands
safe sex
safe, sensible, and sane
sagacious mind [sagacious = keen discernment, sound judgment]
sagacity and virtue [sagacity = farsighted; wise]
sage reflections
said with epigrammatic point [epigrammatic = terse and witty]
saintly serenity
salad days
salient feature
salt of the earth
salutary amusement
salutary in the extreme
salutary tonic of a free current of public criticism
san fairy ann
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