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B 766
C 809
D 762
E 470
F 640
G 377
H 752
I 3117
J 83
K 88
L 718
M 509
N 323
O 381
P 754
Q 77
R 454
S 1223
T 1759
U 439
V 197
W 733
Y 220
Z 12

754 Phrases Starting With Letter P

p.d.q. - pretty damn quick
pacific disposition
packed to the gunwales
paddle your own canoe
page of desolation
pageant of life
pain, toil, and privation
painful and lamentable indifference
painful obstinacy
pains and penalties
painstaking and cumbersome
painstaking reticence
paint the town red
palatable advice
pale and anxious
pale and grave as a sculptured nun
pale and vague desolation
pale as a drifting blossom
pale, ugly, and sinister
pallidly illumined
pallor of reflected glories
palpable and plain
palpable originality
palpably and unmistakably commonplace
palpitating emotion
palpitating with rage and wounded sensibility
paltry and inglorious
paltry hypocrisies
pampered and petted
pampered darling
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